Rishka Dugyana

This past year, one of our $1,000 grants was awarded to Rishika Dugyana, a sophomore in Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications. Her unpaid internship with the San Francisco Public Press focused on social justice, and we were able to support her internship with our annual grant.

“The Clark and Hinman Foundation Fellowship supported me throughout my unpaid internship, which was the first step to understanding the field I am determined to pursue for the rest of my career. The funding let me figure out how to make an impact through journalism, without having to worry about the financials so much — I didn’t have to cut into my learning time by working multiple other jobs.

The funding let me figure out how to make an impact. Investigative journalism is difficult to support oneself on, and many investigative papers are nonprofits. This summer showed me how much I enjoyed the long-term meaningful stories I was allowed to pursue and the on-the-ground reporting opportunities.”