How you can help


Donate financially today by going to Venmo: you can make a transfer using Venmo to @evanston_alumni_club.

Please write “Clark & Hinman” in the payment description. If you’re interested in monthly or annual donations, or other methods of donations (e.g., Chase QuickPay, PayPal, etc.) please contact Michael Schoengold below.

If your company does donation matches, please consider us to amplify your impact. If a receipt number is needed, please reach out to Michael Schoengold, who can provide more assistance.

Our goal is to empower Northwestern students to make a difference and create positive change through the opportunities afforded by summer internships.

Lend a hand

If you’re interested in helping expand CHF, please email CHF’s board at If you have questions, please contact Michael Schoengold, Clark & Hinman President at